In HYDRO6 water loops are integrated within a remote eco-tourist facility. Rainwater and vapour water recovery systems are demonstrated within the facilities of the eco-tourist resort “Tinos Ecolodge”.

This includes the production of drinking water from vapour water using a fog catcher like system. Wastewater is treated by reedbeds and is recycled locally in agriculture. 

Reclaimed water is currently being used to irrigate 0.15 ha of local crops. The facility is remotely located off the grid and thus all activities will be powered using renewable energy.


Level of operation: Private Business
Types of water treatment: Rainwater, Grey Water, Vapour water
By products: Reclaimed water for irrigation, fruits, vegetables, herbs (high value crops), fertilisers, solar energy

The design and preparatory work for the construction of the cistern, the rooftop, and the greenhouse were implemented during the first 12 months of the project. Moreover, AGENSO’s team installed a prototype meteorological station in HYDRO6 from the first months of the project to collect data. Specifically, important parameters such as air humidity, rain, air temperature, solar radiation level and wind speed are constantly monitored. The meteorological station is connected to the project’s platform and is available for online monitoring.

The rapid progress of the construction works is evident from the following figures, as the Greenhouse construction was completed before the completion of the first year of the project. At the same time, the building process of the cistern, the rooftop for collecting water was completed and the tiny Lodge was ready for visitors.

In all systems, the aesthetics of the landscape were taken into account, so as to be in harmony with the traditional buildings of the island of Tinos; therefore materials from the surrounding area were used. 


  • Ecotourist facilities which are self-sufficient in terms of water, energy and food production


  • 20> m³ /year condensed vapour water
  • 20 – 30m³ /year of reclaimed water
  • 0.15ha of irrigated crops


m³/year of rainwater harvested