HYDRO4 will upgrade an existing rainwater harvesting system of domestic residences located in a village of Mykonos to reclaim potable water after slow sand filtration and recharge water into the aquifer, mitigating the long-encountered problem of saline water intrusion.
The water will be used to cultivate 0.2 ha lavender. Lavender was chosen to produce high added value essential oil. Nutrients will be provided through composting of greens available on-site. Part of the water distribution channels are already built with locally available stones.


Level of operation: Household – residency
Types of water treatment: Rain Water
By products: Reclaimed water for irrigation, potable water, herbs, essentials oils

During the first six months of the project, local climate, topographic data and field data (topographical, geographical and geophysical) were collected and investigated, with the aim of identifying the subsurface geological tectonics, the hydraulic settings and the hydrodynamic parameters such as the aquifer’s hydraulic gradient, permeability and storability. Based on the results of the geological and geophysical assessment of the demonstration site, the area was divided into two separate systems due to a geological fault.

The southern region is characterized by high hydraulic conductivities – permeable areas, while the northern region is characterized by impermeable soil characterized by very low hydraulic conductivity.

In the northern part of the site, the potential for implementing aquifer storage and recovery system (ASR) is higher. Accordingly, the optimum location for ASR application is the area of cross-section 2 (CS2). In CS2 there is a shallow subsurface basin with impermeable layers of granite that could be used as a temporary water buffer. Water recovery can be accomplished through a small piezoelectric well for irrigation of lavender in summer. Based on the results of the site assessment, the design of HYDRO 4 was completed. Construction and preparation work on the demonstration site began in September 2019; the following figures show the construction of the well at the demonstration site in Ano Mera, Mykonos.


  • Decentralised solution to increase water supply
  • Production of drinking water
  • Aquifer recharge to reduce saltwater intrusion


  • 10 > m³ /year drinking water
  • 200 m³ /year water stored in aquifer
  • 1000 kg/year lavender
  • 0.2 ha irrigated


>m³/year rainwater harvested
€/m³ harvested water