In HYDRO3 an innovative rainwater harvesting system will be implemented in a remote area in Mykonos, where house roofs are not available.

It will consist of a sub-surface rainwater collection system. Harvested water will be used to water 0.4 ha of oregano. The cultivation of oregano was selected as it can grow on the island and requires small amounts of water.

Nutrients will be provided by composting of green material available on-site.


Level of operation: Private Business
Types of water treatment: Rain Water
By products: Herbs, essential oils, Reclaimed water for irrigation

During the technical visits in Mykonos, in order to find the appropriate sites for HYDRO3&4, DELAROS team took soil samples from two areas (Skafes-Lia and Ampelokipi-Ano Mera) to analyse its physicochemical characteristics, the hydraulic properties and the mechanical compositiοn. Comparing and evaluating these data, Ano Mera was selected as the HYDRO3 site. Metereological data as well as topographical studies and on site evaluations were used to complete the calculations for HYDRO3 system.

In the core of “circular thinking” are the choice of local materials and the use of traditional construction techniques. Thus, the dry-stone wall in the field was restored and rebuilt in some parts.

With regard to the pilot subsystems, the necessary sensors for monitoring and actuators for controlling will be integrated into ICT infrastructure. A list of the type of sensors, the monitored process, the point of installation as well the parameters that are monitored is finalised. A weather station is already developed and installed in the site by AGENSO able to collect and transfer online meteorological parameters e.g. rainfall, temperature, wind, humidity, pressure, cloud cover. This station will be used mainly in the operation period of the configuration to have precise data to optimize the design of the system.  


  • Cheap water supply at remote areas without other water supply
  • Create business case with little input to produce essential oils


  • 800 > kg/year oregano to produce essential oils
  • 0.4 ha irrigated


m³/year of harvested water
€/m³ harvested water