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Hydro 3 Mykonos

In HYDRO3 an innovative rainwater harvesting system, implemented in a remote agricultural area in Mykonos.

It consists of a sub-surface rainwater collection system. Harvested water will be used to water 0.4 ha of oregano. The cultivation of oregano was selected as it can grow on the island and requires small amounts of water.

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Herbs, essential oils, Reclaimed water for irrigation

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HYDRO3 is an innovative, nature inspired rainwater harvesting system, located in Ano Mera village in Mykonos Island.

A shallow, sub-surface rainwater collector of 280 m2 surface area is designed to collect rainwater by draining, to transport it into two cylindrical light structure storage tanks of 60 m3 total water storage capacity and eventually to irrigate 0.4 ha of oregano cultivation.

Precision irrigation of oregano and online monitoring of the water quantity and quality are implemented. The oregano yield is processed to produce essential oil giving an added value to the whole chain that will be locally exploited.

Construction Phase

The first step for the HYDROUSA team was the technical visits to the island of Mykonos. These visits were complemented by soil sampling campaigns in order to analyze its physicochemical characteristics, the hydraulic properties and the mechanical compositiοn.

10 years of precipitation data was also collected and processed to estimate the rainwater to be collected. Based on these estimations, the subsurface rainwater collection system, drainage and storage pipeline network were successfully designed.

The required equipment and sensors for automation and monitoring were assessed and selected. Earthworks, excavations, and ground leveling were performed and installation of HYDRO3 was finalized by November 2019. The plantation of oregano crops, design and installation of the precision irrigation system, and the irrigation automation system were also finalized by the end of 2019.

The design of the entire system follows the “paths” of minimal invasiveness to the natural landscape. Thus, the dry-stone wall in the field was restored and rebuilt in some parts.In addition an old warehouse was renovated by local craftsmen. This is where the essential oil extraction process of the collected oregano will take place and will be demonstrated to stakeholders. Furthermore, two commercially available active dehumidifiers were installed and are operating to recover vapor water from the humidity of air, offering also potable water to the visitors of the site.

Operational Phase

HYDRO3 is fully operational from November 2019. Thus, three years of operational raining seasons have been completed and 60 m3 were collected each year. The system is monitored through an online system (for water quantity and quality), as well as through sampling campaigns where further parameters are analysed in the lab to ensure the high quality of the collected water for irrigation.

The recovered rainwater is used for irrigation of the oregano field already from the summer period of 2020.

The first oregano harvest took place in June 2021. The oregano production was 50 kg. Part of the harvested herbs was given to local agrotourism units and greengrocers, while the rest was left to dry and will be used to produce essential oil.


  • Cheap water supply at remote areas without other water supply
  • Create business case with little input to produce essential oils


  • 800 > kg/year oregano to produce essential oils
  • 0.4 ha irrigated


60 m³/year of harvested water
60 €/m³ harvested water