Transferability of HYDROUSA solutions will be demonstrated in other Mediterranean and water stressed places in 25 early adopter cases in MED coastal areas and islands in Italy, Spain, Cyprus, France, Egypt, Croatia, Israel, Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia and at least 6 water-stressed rural or peri-urban areasfrom Bulgaria, China, UAE, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Malaysia, Argentina, who have been signed letters of support.

All these sites will be shown on a global map. Institutional pathways, policy drivers, barriers and opportunities for the market deployment of the project technologies and services and for the use of the recoveredresources will be detected, analysed and elaborated on.

HYDROUSA will address factors affecting resource recovery from water loops and energy efficient technology development and deployment, value chains, water services, governance and regulations, and social perception. Financing schemes will be analysed for possible subsidies and public/private investments for all replication sites.