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Hydro 2 Lesvos

HYDRO2 is a 1ha of an agroforestry system that is fertigated using reclaimed water with a high nutrient content that is the result/output from HYDRO1 system.

The nutrient-rich water is used to cultivate 1ha of an agroforestry system.

The agroforestry is divided into 3 main groups: (1) trees for fruit production, (2) orchards bushes; and (3) herbs and annual crops. These were selected after intense research of the HYDROUSA consortium, but also co-created with the locals who shared their knowledge and experience on appropriate plants.

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Level of operation

Municipality – Community

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Types of water treatment

Nutrient-rich water

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By products

Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, (high value crops)

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HYDRO2 combines the regenerative capacities of agroforestry with the use of reclaimed water and nutrients. The irrigation of the agroforestry system is divided into two different irrigation systems; one through drip irrigation and the other one through traditional stone channels coupled with furrow irrigation. Up to 100 m3 of reclaimed water per day (in summertime) is available for irrigation.

Construction Phase

The design process of the HYDRO2 system started from the beginning of the project (September 2018), where technical tours were conducted by the experts of the HYDROUSA’s consortium as well as soil sampling campaigns in order to collect the necessary information for the design.

In addition, a detailed ethnobotanical study was conducted for Lesvos and supported the design of the system on well-adapted agricultural plants and irrigation methods, etc.

At the same time, the local community of Lesvos played a key role in the plant selection process and in the development of an extensive list of species through their active participation in co-creation activities and interviews organized by IHA in December 2018. Based on all the data collected and analysed, the appropriate drawings and irrigation plans were developed for HYDRO2.

The earthworks, soil preparation and clearing of the area and the installation of the irrigation system were completed in February 2021.

During the same period, the construction of the 65 m traditional stone channel and the secondary irrigation channels was completed, with the delicate knowledge of the old profession of stone masonry.

The process of planting about 65 different species has been completed by spring 2021 and the fertigation of the system started with the full operation of HYDRO1 in June 2021.

Operational Phase

The HYDRO2 agroforestry demo site is daily monitored in order to maintain the optimal growth of the plants. The diversity of the plant species requires different management approaches, especially during this 1st year of the plantation.

Since June 2021, traps have been set up in various parts of the field and a targeted soil sampling campaign has already begun in order to investigate the micro and macro-fauna of HYDRO2.

At the same time, plant samples are collected to investigate the potential accumulation of organic micropollutants such as pharmaceutical active compounds, endocrine disrupting compounds and pesticides.

By October 2021, the total production of the HYDRO2 was already higher than 4 tones and will increase during the next months.


  • Wastewater can be used for fertigation
  • No fertiliser import
  • Product diversity
  • Creating resilient ecosystems


  • Irrigation of 1 ha of crops/trees
  • Production of > 10 tons of fruits, herbs, vegetables


100 m³/d raw sewage


10 m³/d of raw sewage