HYDRO2 is a 1ha of an agroforestry system that will be fertigated using reclaimed water with a high nutrient content. 

The nutrient-rich water will be used to cultivate 1 ha of an agroforestry system.

The agroforestry system will be divided into 3 main groups; 1) Forestry trees for fruit and timber production, 2) Orchards/bushes and 3) Herbs and annual crops.

Superfoods like goji berries and aromatic plants will be planted and utilized for essential oil production. The plant setup will be co-creatively elaborated with the public for a definition of business cases and to form resilient ecosystems.


Level of operation: Municipality – Community
Types of water treatment: Grey Water
By products: Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, (high value crops), essential oils

The design of HYDRO 2 site has been finalised including the different irrigation systems (drip and stone channel), taking into consideration the different kind of treated effluents that will be delivered by HYDRO1.


  • Wastewater can be used for fertigation
  • No fertiliser import
  • Product diversity
  • Creating resilient ecosystems


  • Irrigation of 1 ha of crops/trees
  • Production of > 10 tons of fruits, herbs, vegetables


m³/d raw sewage


m³/d of raw sewage